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Why so glum, chum?

    The Gatehouse phase 2 program started three weeks ago. If I thought phase 1 was difficult…it was the warm up. Today I have a pretty huge emotional hangover from my group last night. The truth is that the magnitude of the effects of trauma on my health and life have me feeling extremely lugubrious. lugubrious Funerals are lugubrious. So are rainy days and Mondays. … Continue reading Why so glum, chum?

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#30DaysofBrave- continued

Day 9- I am vulnerable. “To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.” – CRISS JAMI Brene Brown has this amazing Ted talk on Vulnerability and some amazing reading material as well. This is an area that I am working on.  I suck at vulnerability and I find it much easier to throw up the wall … Continue reading #30DaysofBrave- continued

Into the Light

I have been hiding these past few weeks.  The darkness was trying to swallow me. Sometimes I find myself retreating and just keeping my thoughts to myself and avoiding conversations. At some level that’s necessary with processing trauma.  There’s only so many times you can repeat yourself before exhaustion sets in. This is especially true of trauma counselling because of the emotional and sensory experiences … Continue reading Into the Light

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Exercising Self-Compassion…in a Swimsuit

Last night I watched a documentary that has changed my heart.  I recently saw an ad for this movie, called “Embrace” by Taryn Brumfitt.  I watched her TedX Talk on youTube and it stuck in my head.  There is a part where she says: “Your body is not an ornament, it is the vehicle to your dreams.”  It literally blew my mind. I have also … Continue reading Exercising Self-Compassion…in a Swimsuit

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I’m reaching for fearlessness, but my fingers can’t quite grasp it.  They are brushing it though, closer than ever before.  Rather than being a beautifully choreographed climber, I am a sure-footed mountain goat and am stuck in my ways.  (Never tell my husband that I agreed to that statement!) “Keep it secret, don’t tell anyone, be quiet, you deserve it, you’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re … Continue reading Fearlessness


It has taken me a few days of ruminating over this concept.  Last Friday, I attended a wonderful conference hosted by the Gatehouse and held at Humber College.  Transforming Trauma into Triumph 7th Annual Conference.  It felt a little odd to be “training”, however there were all different groups represented.  There was a strong survivor section, those who work with or are volunteers, or speakers … Continue reading Forgiveness?